Welcome to Far East Empire Group Australia

We are the Australian-owned affiliate of Far East Empire Group (FEEG), an international trading group of companies with offices in Malaysia, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and Australia. FEEG Australia markets state-of-the-art technologies to business and Government, and provides Australasian companies secure distribution and marketing of innovative products throughout Asia.

Other activities range from marketing and distribution of Rapid Reach emergency communication system to the trading of raw materials. [more]

Rapid Reach
RapidReach is a complete emergency communication system that transmits information quickly...
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Wi-Fi Mesh Network Solution
Wi-Fi Mesh provides a wider reach for “Wide-Area” coverage with Security, Cost-Effectiveness, Scalability, Ease of Deployment & Management.
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Automated Meter Reading
The Terbium System is an advanced real-time, interactive telemetry system
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