Automated Meter Reading

Terbium System

The Terbium System is an advanced real-time, interactive telemetry system which enhances the existing mechanical electricity metering with reading and recording capabilities of an electronic Time of Use (TOU) meter. The system can communicate over long distances via encrypted Power Line Carrier (PLC) and appropriate telecommunication network to interface to a main computer system. Power consumption data from factories, buildings, residential homes, etc, can be gatered and recorded at the central processing facility at a lower cost compared to other systems.

The AMR TERBUIM totally integrated system has been developed in-house by our principal AMR Asia Co. Ltd in Thailand. This technology has won, amongst stiff competition the rights to a ten (10) year concession by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) of Bangkok, Thailand to operate and outsource its automatic meter reading.

AMR TERBIUM SYSTEM is one of the most advanced real-time systems that eliminates the need for on-site management of consumer readings or power disconnection or connection by any Utility personnel. Provides a host of additional functions and information that enable Utility planning, monitoring, management and control from one access point.

The TERBIUM SYSTEM is extremely cost effective, taking advantage of the existing Utility infrastructure. The system uses standard watt-hour meters to be retrofitted so that existing mechanical or pulse electronic meters do not require replacement. It also utilizes the existing utility power line for real time data communication called Power line Communication between Terbium-RU (Remote Unit) at consumer sites and a local data gathering, processing and control unit called Terbium-CU (Concentrator).

All information is delivered to Terbium-MC (Master Control Center) for monitoring, management, analyzing, investigation or transferring to other systems such as billing system or database management system or extra operation & maintenance system. Utility is able to set criteria, rules or policies for each situation and after automatic analyzing; the system will be handled with proper manners by intelligent system management.

TERBIUM SYSTEM has been designed in a single isolated unit solid-state type with industrial grade quality for outdoor mounting which do not require any additional protection such as cabinets, boxed rain sheds or sun shielding. It is completely suitable for use in tropical climatic areas and has proved its ability to operate successfully in the stiff service conditions, high humidity, severe surge & harsh lighting as in found throughout South East Asia.

TERBIUM SYSTEM provides 3 alternatives for each specific requirement of Automatic Meter Reading:

  • Model 1.0 KWh (Energy) Feature
  • Model 2.0 TOU (Time of Used) Feature
  • Model 3.0 Load Profile Feature

All of these systems guarantee the accuracy of the readings and enables the data to be sent over longer distances via the power lines with complete concern of security.

Terbium System - How It Works

  • The Terbium Remote Units (RU) are retro-fitted to the existing electro-mechanical or analogue meters in the homes.
  • This RU optically reads the meters’ disc revolution continuously and can store up to 2 months data in its memory chip.
  • With an optional module, the RU can also disconnect and re-connect power supply to the homes.
  • At scheduled intervals like every 24 hours and on billing dates, the Terbium Concentrator Unit (CU) located on the low-voltage side of the distribution transformer, will request the meter data from all the RUs.
  • Data is then encrypted and securely transmitted over existing power lines using proprietary Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology to the CU.
  • Each CU can gather and manage data such as meter ID, KWh, demand energy, etc. from 50 up to 300 different RUs. The distance from RU to CU can be up to 1km (depending on load).
  • The CU can also perform data processing based on specified rules and will report abnormal patterns at RUs which could arise from fault, tampering, theft, etc.
  • All data and information from the CUs are in turn managed by a Terbium Master Control Centre (MC). Data transmission from CU to MC is carried out via wire line (PSTN/Leased Line) or wireless network (GSM/GPRS).
  • Terbium-MC is a Windows based software system which resides at a data centre. It has 2 sub-modules:

    • AMR system module for system and site management
    • AMR database module for customer data management
  • It is a powerful yet user-friendly system for daily operation, planning and analysis. It will provide information for billing, customer service, statistical analysis and systems management.
  • As an example, it can transfer data to the power distribution company’s billing system for the billing process by any kind of interface.