WI-FI Mesh

Far East Empire Group offers Wi-Fi Mesh Network Solutions extending the capability of Wi-Fi technologies (IEEE802.11) from just providing local area network connectivity. We provide a wider reach for “Wide-Area” coverage with “Security, Cost-Effectiveness, Scalability, Ease of Deployment & Management” factors taken into consideration.

Mobility and the increasing bandwidth are some of the many reasons why more and more companies and individual users are now changing to use internet connections through wireless networks. Wi-Fi Mesh networks are one of the most cost effective deployments of infrastructure available to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to large urban areas

Wi-Fi Mesh networks can allow a fixed line operator to reach a new neighborhood or area without needing to install cables. With Mesh, they can offer telephony and internet reaching homes with wireless connections instead of the traditional way through cables.

There are many opportunities for the installation of Wi-Fi Mesh networks including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities
  • Universities and Educational facilities
  • Government
  • Local Councils
  • Emergency Services
  • Mining and Construction Sites

Far East Empire Group offers a dual-radio mesh system where each Access Point (AP) has two radios operating on different frequencies. One radio is used for client access and the other radio provides wireless backhaul. The radios operate in different frequency bands, so they can run in parallel with no interference. Since the mesh interconnection is done with a separate radio operating on a different channel, local wireless access is not affected by mesh forwarding and can run at full speed.

Outdoor wireless networks based on IEEE 802.11 provide a simple, low-cost method for governments and businesses to improve productivity and operate more efficiently, while staying within budget. A variety of applications and users can securely and simultaneously operate on the network, ensuring the fastest possible return on investment.

Brief facts on FEEG Algonet Solutions

  • The fundamental architecture of AlgolNet is built upon our Dual-Radio Access Point (AlgolNetAP), where one of the Radios serve as the backbone network infrastructure for Internet routing protocol, and the 2nd Radio forms the end-user up/downstream wireless link.
  • Each Dual-Radio Access Point forms an individual operational Node, where the AlgolNetAP will automatically locate & associate with the required backbone links and “join-in” to the Mesh Network
  • Wi-Fi mesh nodes self-organize to create a wireless mesh network
  • Self-configure for ease of deployment and scalability
  • Multi-hop capability for extended coverage
  • Provides Ethernet connectivity anywhere – indoors or outdoors
  • Provides Wi-Fi coverage of a large geographical area through smaller cellular coverage by a network of Mesh nodes
  • Ease and Simplicity - Just requires power supply, self-configuration and self-healing
  • Network Robustness – Characteristic of mesh and ad-hoc routing promises greater stability in face of changing conditions or failure at single node.
  • Topology fit according to terrain – It could be star, ring or straight line topology depending on the terrain
  • Cost effective deployment
  • Scalable system
  • City-wide data, video and voice-over-IP services
  • Multi-service network for private and public traffic on shared infrastructure
  • Multiple network connections result in greater scalability and load balancing
  • Create an instant wireless network for temporary events by simply plugging in Wi-Fi mesh nodes
  • Mesh nodes are easy to relocate as needs changes
  • Mesh nodes provide network mobility and stay connected even when used on moving vehicles